Outdoor Smallbore

Outdoor Smallbore

Outdoor Smallbore The new Smallbore (.22LR only) and Airgun range at MRC opened July 1st. 2023. Come on out and enjoy some Outdoor Smallbore! This new outdoor range will offer members many different Smallbore and Airgun shooting opportunities. Portable target stands are located in the Con-Ex (shipping container) are that can be placed from 25 yards out to 100 yards or even 100 meters allowing much flexibility on target distance. There will also be stationary targets at 50 and 100 yards. In addition to informal shooting of .22LR or .177, .20, .22 caliber Airgun, we will hold organized shooting events such as:

Formal Silhouette practice is Tuesday afternoons at 4:00pm. Targets are shot offhand at 40, 60, 77, and 100 yards. 10 shots each at 4 different animal silhouette targets is a round of silhouette. 22LR only. This is an offhand game but supported shooters are also welcome.

Targets shot at 50 yards from the bench on rests or bags. This is informal benchrest not ARA or IR50/50. 25 bulls shot for score in 20 minutes. Unlimited sighters. Best edge scoring used. Classes are Semi-Auto, Light Bolt and Heavy bolt. No flat bottom benchrest stocks, barrel tuners, or one-piece rifle rests allowed in competition.

This is a slow fire prone discipline. 2 rounds of 20 shots at 50 yards on the A51 target and 2 rounds of 20 shots at 100 yards on an A33 target. 20 minutes per relay. Two classes in F-Class. F-TR shooters shoot from front sandbag or bipod. F-Open shooters shoot from mechanical front rest. All rounds will be single loaded. No magazines permitted.

Targets shot at 25 meters on a rest from the bench. 25 record shots and unlimited sighters in 20 minutes. Permitted calibers are .177, .20, and .22 only on this range.

Normally shot on Tuesday afternoons instead of the usual Silhouette practice, this involves shooting a "FLY" target at 50 yards. 1 shot per fly and you MUST hit the BODY of the fly to score a point. Event is timed at 5 minutes. Front rest only. Two classes. Prone or Bench.

Also shot throughout the year we shoot the KYL targets at 50 yards in 90 seconds. 8 hanging target discs sized from 2" down to 1/4" in quarter inch increments. Shoot as many as you can, but when you miss, you lose all points on that stage. 4 stages to a match. Front rest only. Fun and maddening at the same time! "Know Your Limits".

Check the MRC calendar for match dates and times.