Basic Handgun Training

Basic Handgun Training

The Milan Rifle Club reserves the 25 yard indoor range Tuesday nights from 6 - 9 PM for basic handgun training.  This free course consists of two (2) hours in the classroom and one (1) hour shooting in the range with an instructor. This is NOT the 'NRA Basic Pistol Course'. This is a free, in-house developed course designed to teach basic pistol safety and marksmanship skills.

The training is for members, their families and guests - i. e. anybody is welcome.

The classroom portion covers:

Basic Handgun Training in classroom Basic Handgun Training in class

The indoor shooting portion covers:

Basic Handgun Training at range with instructor Basic Handgun Training at range

All that is required is an unloaded and cased handgun with ammunition, and eye and ear protection.  The club supplies targets.
Once again, there is no cost for this training.

Reserve a Tuesday night through Mel Block ( or 309-795-1381