Air Gun Challenge

Air Gun Challenge

Air Gun Challenge includes a wide variety of reactive targets as well as precision rifle targets. Reactive targets include silhouettes (silhouettes are steel profiles of chickens, pigs, turkeys, and rams). The object of the game is to knock as many silhouettes down as possible shooting one round at each silhouette. It is a very simple competition, with very simple scoring: You get a 1 for knocking down an animal and a 0 for anything else.  The animals are engaged with either pistol or rifle. Although silhouette is an easy game to learn, it is not an easy game to master. The animals are rather small and the distances are rather large and you must shoot offhand (standing). A match consists of 40 shots (10 of each animal). Another reactive target is the bell. The bell consists of three holes (each one a little smaller) in front of bells. Ringing the bell behind the smallest hole is 3 points, behind middle hole is 2 points, and behind largest hole is 1 point. The object is to ring as many bells as possible shooting 5 shots at each hole. The holes are engaged with either pistol (16 feet) or rifle (30 feet).

Precision rifle targets include Informal Benchrest shot at 25 yards. The object is highest score with most X’s for 25 rounds from benchrest position. Another precision target is Fly Paper. The target consists of 12 flys and is scored 3 points for head shot, 2 points for a body shot and 1 point for wing shot. Target is engaged from 15 yards with 1 round each fly.

One of the appeals of air gun challenge shooting is the gear. There isn't much of it, and you can choose how much money to spend on it. Most individuals use a .177 cal (.22 cal pellet is max) pellet pistol and pellet rifle with either a scope or red dot for sighting. There are separate classes for individuals using iron sights. Ammunition (pellets) for these guns is relatively cheap and readily available.

Matches are held September through June on the second Sunday of the month at 9:00 am in the 25 yard indoor range. In addition, weekly practice sessions are held every Wednesday morning starting at 9:00 am all year long, also in the 25 yard indoor range

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Two men shooting air pistol silhouettes Two men shooting air pistol silhouettes Two men shooting air pistol silhouettes Two men shooting air pistol silhouettes Two men shooting air pistol silhouettes