Indoor Smallbore

Indoor Smallbore

From November through March each year the Milan Rifle Club fields a team shooting Four Position Smallbore Rifle indoor in a local league. The team competes against teams from the Davenport Shooting Association and the New Windsor Rivoli Rifle and Pistol Club.

Four Position Smallbore (.22 rimfire) involves a total of 40 shots for score, with 10 shots fired from the prone, sitting, kneeling, and standing/offhand positions. Unlimited sighters are allowed. The target is the NRA A-17 target, placed at 50 feet. While it seems a short distance, the approximately 1/8” diameter 10-ring can be challenging. Shooting jackets are allowed, kneeling rolls are allowed for kneeling, and slings are allowed for all positions except standing/offhand. Any optic is allowed, with most individuals using scopes. If an individual is not comfortable or able to shoot a particular position, they can substitute a less stable position.

There are nine team matches through the winter, roughly every other week, with practices held on the off-weeks. All matches and practices are held Thursday afternoons on the Indoor 25 Yard range (mid-October to the end of March). For matches, the team score consists of the top five team member’s scores. The league is handicapped so anyone having a good night shooting, whether new to the game or experienced, can help the team score. Individuals are classified based on their personal scores throughout the season, and at the end of the season the top scores for every shooting position, within each classification, receive awards. Costs are a one-time $5 for the season for league cost, and $1 per match shot.

The Four Position Smallbore Rifle league provides a nice opportunity to get together and shoot rifles during the winter months. Many use it to keep up their skills for various summer matches. The league is informal, and not all members make every match or practice. Team members can arrive and rotate through the different positions at different times, providing flexibility. New shooters are welcome and encouraged! There is no limit to the number of members on the team, and individuals can join at any point in the season.

If you are interested, contact the Indoor Smallbore Discipline Chair or stop by the Indoor 25 Yard range on Thursday afternoon. To get started, all you really need is a .22 rifle, some way to see your hits on the target 50 feet away, eye and ear protection, and some ammunition. Something to lie down on like a mat or piece of carpet will make prone shooting more enjoyable. If you have a sling, shooting jacket, or kneeling roll, you can bring them but they aren’t needed to get started. Many on the team have shot for a while before buying some of the extra gear. Just join us and we will help you figure it out.

2 people shooting at an indoor range kneeling 2 people shooting at an indoor range prone